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    Hello. I love(d) my Treo, and now I am starting to get cold feet. I am a Verizon subscriber and use their Wireless Sync program. The problem was that my Treo kept checking for emails, many--many--times per hour. While the Treo was connecting, I couldn't get phone calls. All calls would go directly to voicemail while this was happening. In addition to this problem, my battery was draining incredibly quickly because of the frequent connections. I called Verizon and they had me disable the automatic email delivery. I use a POP3 email account through my company's web client. Now that the email feature is "on demand", I don't get to see my emails as they arrive--I have to "check" for them several times a day. Is it possible that I have made my Treo "lame" by disabling the automatic email? Would using another program--other than Verizon's Wireless Sync solve any of this problem? Any help or advice you have is greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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    Yes. Use Chattermail with an imap server like Fastmail or Fusemail. is free, but I recommend for $20/year. You will love Chattermail and imap. Quite a few threads on Chatter if you want to search and read them.
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    Thanks for the quick advice!! If I use an Outlook web client from my company, can I still use Fusemail and Chatter? I'm not clear on the connection---I know my current set up is POP3. Thanks again!
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    if you have the web client active, then check with your sys admin. imap may be turned on a well. but you really want to be using imap over ssl, otherwise you are giving your account information to anyone reading the data. check with you network guy, he should know more.
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    I signed up for a trial of Chatter and Fusemail. I have my POP3 account forwarding to Fusemail. The orange light is turning on several times per minute. Does this mean that the phone is checking for email several times per minute? If so, I don't think that these will solve my original problem. I only have a 10 day free trial so any insight is appreciated!!
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    Make sure you don't have any other applications that are requesting network data- that could be your problem.

    But even in the absence of network-utilizing applications, you are maintaining a constant data connection and there will be some intermittent network activity which will cause you to miss some phone calls. Everyone has a different tolerance for this, but I don't do it because I've decided that my Treo is more important to me as a phone than an email machine.

    The only real solution I know of is to use SMS-triggered mail retrieval. That way your data would be truly disconnected except when there is a new email. And you could even speciify which emails would trigger a connection. But you will have to pay Verizon even more $$$$$ to receive SMS messages.

    I'm thinking of trying this by dropping down to the $25 data plan and paying them for 1000 SMS messages a month.

    BTW, how is Fusemail with SPAM filtering? I am thinking of trying them. They can do a combination of filter and challenge-response, challenging only suspected SPAM, which sounds nice.

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