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    I am brand new bought my Sprint Treo 650 last Friday. I have been doing my Homework and would like to say thanks to everyone for all the great info, I have added nothing yet but have put together my plan for what I need in terms of software from searching these forums.

    FYI, my 650 is still pure factory stock, I am researching what I will put on it and do all that this weekend!

    From researching these boards I have found that these following programs are what I need to get the most out of my Treo 650 !

    1st - buy a 2 gig scandisk!

    Then add these programs / third party software- (I have already ready added the software that came with the Sprint Treo CD.

    1a. Uninstall manager
    1b. Volume care
    2. ZLauncher
    3.Pocket Tunes
    4.Directory Assistant
    5. VeriChat
    6. Snapper mail or chatter (have not decided)
    7. File Z
    8. Keycaps 650
    9. Butler
    10. Backup Buddy or backup man
    11.Splash wallet or Pocket Quicken
    12.Card Export II
    13. TCP free Media Player
    14. TakePhone
    15. E-reader
    16. Either Agendus or Datebook (plus some kind of goal setting program)
    17. Resco Explorer

    Does that all sound about right?

    Now I must figure how to get all that on the 650 and what goes on RAM on what on the Scandisk.

    Thanks to everyone on this board for all the post this past year on this, using the search function this is what I have come up with.

    Ps. I have never owned a palm or smart phone till last Friday totally new and would not known where to start till I found this site.

    I just hope to buy all this for under $600, lol.


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    used the treo naked for a couple of days. dont add any software.

    then start slowly, one at a time

    no need to rush.
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    Thanks, for the advice.

    So here is a question, I have had it since last friday and love the factor but really looking to add some of these programs to add. My question which ones should I add first? In what order. Someone in another thread said just add one program every 2-3 days. So if you were me and that list was your yarget list, in what order would you start to build your library and how quickly would you build it if $$$ did not matter.

    By the way I will go to Fry's here in Austin tommarow to pick up my Scandisk Card.

    Again thanks everyone for the great info on this site!

    I really love this phone and in my industry need all the productividy I can get. I work for a Large Financial Services Wirehouse, as a Financial Adviser.

    My Company will only let us use Blackberry to link in with our Company Outlook and email, so this will only be linked into my personal e-mail and calender at my desktop at home.
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    resco backup
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    Add each program as fast as you'd like - however add them one at a time. Try it and then hot sync then add another try it and hotsync.

    The Palm OS has two files that are typically critical Saved Preferences and Unsaved Preferences. These are reset each time you add a program and open it. If you add multiple programs at one time - SavedPreferences has a tendency to hiccup.

    BTW - if your company has Exchange with OWA enabled - then you can use your browser to access your email from your Outlook file....but only if OWA is enabled.

    There are other programs out there that might access Outlook via Exchange but they aren't totally there yet.

    If OWA is enabled, you can also set up versamail to check your email and send email via your Outlook account. It gets set as a POP3 server and will look at all of the mail in your inbox but it won't sync link your Blackberry will. I speak from personal/corporate experience.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tj0827
    Thanks, for the advice.

    So here is a question, I have had it since last friday and love the factor but really looking to add some of these programs to add. My question which ones should I add first?
    The very 1st application to install would be the Uninstall Manager. Then it can keep track of all other software you install.
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    You have both FileZ and Resco Explorer on your list. If you get Resco Explorer, it can do everything that FileZ can do (file manager), but it also includes: a) a very good manual backup utility that includes compression and encryption abilities; b) a zip/unzip utility with compression and encryption abilities; c) an image viewer; d) the ability to launch applications from within the file manager.

    If you've got the money, just install Resco Explorer so that you get all the extras, plus avoid the file manager redundancy.
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    I have Resco Explorer, but also keep FileZ. They both sit on the SD card.

    I am so used to FileZ, which can be the simple way to do certain things. ...
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