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    I am brand new bought my Sprint Treo 650 last Friday. I have been doing my Homework here and have been looking for the best Calendar/Organizer. Well it seems the top two are Agendus Pro and Date Book 5.

    But what I need I have not found yet. I am coming from an old Paper Organizer called the My-Tyme System sold by Leadership Management Inc. I have used it for 6 years and use its Goal Setting system the most. They do not offer Software for it. In essence it each month lets me enter my monthly Goals for the month in six key areas Family/ Career/ Mental/ Physical/ Social/ Spiritual. It also lets me state my Vision and Mission Statement, and Business Goals for the month, plus my 6 hi-payoff activities that have each month. In many ways it is allot like Stephen Coveys Seven Habits program.

    My question what program is out there that has a good Goal setting feature to it and lets you track your progress? Or better yet do Agendus or Date Book let you customize that at all?

    There is a plethora of info on this site and my research has led me to figure out allot of what I need. The biggest thing I want to do now that I have my smart phone is completely do away with my my-Tyme organizer (Paper), but need to fill my goal setting need for a program that can come close to what I had.

    FYI, my 650 is pure factory stock, I am researching what I will put on it and do all that this weekend!

    What I have found I need from these boards!

    1st - by a 2 gig scan disk!


    1a. Uninstall manager
    1b. Volume care
    2. ZLauncher
    3.Pocket Tunes
    4.Directory Assistant
    5. VeriChat
    6. Snapper mail or chatter (have not decided)
    7. File Z
    8. Keycaps 650
    9. Butler
    10. Backup Buddy or backup man
    11.Splash wallet or Pocket Quicken
    12.Card Export II
    13. TCP free Media Player
    14. TakePhone
    15. E-reader
    16. Either Agendus or Datebook (plus some kind of goal setting program)

    Does that all sound about right?

    Now I must figure how to get all that on the 650 and what goes on RAM on what on the Scandisk.

    Thanks to everyone on this board for all the post this past year on this, using the search function this is what I have come up with.

    Ps. I have never owned a palm or smart phone till last Friday totally new and would not known where to start till I found this site.

    I just hope to buy all this for under $600, lol.
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    I don't have an answer to the question you have about the goal setting program, but wanted to give you major props for doing all your research on this board and figuring out what you need instead of posting "What's the best e-mail program" for the millionth time.

    Kudos, my man
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    You might try the goal setting/time management Palm software offered by Franklin Covey company.
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    Let me offer you two words of advice.

    Word #1: I'm a big fan of "Getting Things Done." I'm sure you've heard of it. Anyway, a good "lists" program with lots of dates, categorization, and progress monitoring is "ShadowPlan" by CodeJedi software. That's The windows component of it is nice too.

    Word #2: RESIST THE TEMPTATION to install lots of applications at once. RESIST! RESIST! RESIST! As you've probably already gathered, there are a lot of complaints about Treo instability here, and I think (at least for the Treo650) the (vast) majority of those problems stem from various 3rd party softare either acting up with the T650's unique hardware and file system, or with each other. My rule of thumb is to install ONLY one application EVERY TWO DAYS. Two days is more than enough time to notice if your device is starting to act funny, crash at weird times, or slow down, and if you've only installed ONE thing since it started acting werid, then you know what it is.

    I suppose you can reduce this to ONE DAY for certain applications are are well known to work well, like maybe VolumeCare and Butler, but even then, I would wait.

    Yes, it may take a while for your Treo to be fully loaded, but at least it will work right when you're all done.

    Hope this helps,
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    Quote Originally Posted by wernst
    I think you meant
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    Thanks, for the advice.

    So here is a question, I have had it since last friday and love the factor but really looking to add some of these programs to add. My question which ones should I add first? In what order. Since you say to add one program every 2-3 days, So if you were me and that list was your target software list, in what order would you start to build your library and how quickly would you build it if $$$ did not matter.

    By the way I will go to Fry's here in Austin tommarow to pick up my Scandisk Card.

    Again thanks everyone for the great info on this site!

    I really love this phone and in my industry need all the productividy I can get. I work for a Large Financial Services Wirehouse, as a Financial Adviser.

    My Company will only let us use Blackberry to link in with our Company Outlook and email, so this will only be linked into my personal e-mail and calender at my desktop at home.
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    Well searched late into the night and still no real goal setting program. I wonder if there is a program out there that I could custumize to fit my needs? Or I guess I could hire some wiz kid to write me one!

    Oh well thanks for the advice anyway!
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    Since you are torn between DateBk 5 and Agendus, have you tried their respective forums for customization ideas?

    DateBk 5 -
    Agendus -

    Also, if you were to 'phase in' your apps onto your 650, my suggestion would be to prioritize you needs i.e. 1) email, calendar, volume enhancement, utilities, 'mp3' player, etc. No it won't be complete but the point is that you will start somewhere.

    As a free outliner you might try Progect that is available on Also, if you have to purchase an email program, as a non IMAP Snapper user, I would definitely go with Chatter. For about the same price you will get POP3 access as well as IMAP capability. I just switched to Chatter and haven't looked back.

    Just my $.02.

    ~~~ gottago ~~~
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    Here is a terrific comparison between Datebk5 and Agendus. Hopefully one of these suits your needs.
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    Has anyone tried FranklinCovey's PlanPlus for Outlook?

    It looks interesting. I might be interested but I would have to be able to continue using DateBk5 as my calendar. I think it would work though...looks like it totally integrates with Outlook's calendar and simply provides additional FranklinCovey Palm apps to achieve special task/planning views...?

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    I am a big fan of PlanPlus and FranklinCovey products but the mission values and goals that you set on the desktop don't sync to the palm nor does the task list support 5 way navigator. The other problem is 3.0 doesn't play well with the Treo 650 and 2.0 will no longer be supported, but works well with the treo. I called them the other day and they told me I bought the wrong palm and they would never support it.

    But I tried agendus for 2 weeks and I still can't decide which I like.

    there is my 2 cents
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