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    I am getting an error in Syncing my Notes/Memos. I have gotten an error like this before for my calendar and was able to fix it with this link (,Kb=PalmSupportKB,ts=Palm_External2001,Case=obj(31167)#pimsupport), well tried to fix it with the link and found one entry in the calendar did not accept well (imported flight information from Continental - works now though). But I do not see where this will help me with Notes/Memos as it only applies to calendar.

    Error message is:
    Outlook Notes
    - Recovery Sync
    Outlook Notes synchronization failed

    I already had downloaded the updater and did the “Enable other sync apps", problem continues. I think it may be related to a recent new note or change to one because it just happened today and have not had problems with this before and have had it for several months.

    Can anyone help; maybe I am missing something?
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    Sorry - I fixed it. I missed the "Experiment in batches" section on the link I mentioned above and it fixed it. I created the separate directory and moved batches back in and found the corruption.

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