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    I don't believe the available info today can tell us whether Treo-WM5 is the only Treo in the future. I can also see a future where PalmOne to has a Treo-WM5 along with other Treos. Treo-POS, Treo-Symbian, Treo-Linux...

    If Treo is WM5 only, I do not see a longer term future for Treo at all. LG, Samsung, Motorola, Nokie, and not to mention the Chinese are all hardware manufacturers far better at manufacturing hardware then PalmOne. As Treo lost its distinction and loyal base, the carrier will force the phone maker to remove the manufacturer brand and replace it with the carrier's own logo. Soon, no one will even care if it is a Treo-WM8 or what. It would be which one the carrier is having the best deal on. The only way you know it is an LG-VX?? or Treo is if you open the back and look under the battery.
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    Okay, so say they release a 700p with 320x320 resolution. What else have they changed? Not a whole lot. EVDO support yes, but that's not enough to come out with a "700p", in my opinion. Maybe if they put a new version of palmOS on it and gave it wifi - but I don't see that happening as the carriers want palm to push their data services.

    What they said in the press conference is that they would ocntinue to sell the 650. They also said they didn't have a name for the new device. They could be calling it a 650w for all we know. With that name would you still want a 650p?
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    The 650 already has 320x320 resolution. The new 700p is rumored to have a much better camera with 4x zoom, slimmer, lighter, better battery life, and support EVDO, slightly newer garnett os (not cobalt though). It may warrant an upgrade especially if the new os made the nvram system more stable.
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    Don't forget potentially more memoryy!
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    yes, I did hear they were talking 64mb. Ridiculous really with ram as cheap as it is why not 128 or 256? But with 64mb of ram and a tad smaller and lighter with EVDO I would switch. Another hand me down to my wife.
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