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    Just wondering what apps you find useful, what case you use and how you use it.
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    I don't know, but if I was in construction, I would get this case because it looks awesome:
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    That is awsome. I want one. I guess I am the only construction dude in the forums.
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    I'm not in construction, but I am a contractor that does commercial power backup. I am usually pretty hard on phones, however my Treo 650 is holding up nicely with it's EB Flipper case. No damage to it in the 4 months I've had this particular phone. The previous Treo had a keyboard problem which I exchanged under warranty.
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    I am not in construction per se but I am a maintenance supervisor at a large nuclear power plant. VolumeCare is an indispensable application for me because it helps me hear in high noise areas. I use the leather(ette) belt case that came with my old Treo 600 but I just ordered a "Crumpler" belt case from Palm that might be less bulky and might be less likely to fall or get knocked off my belt when leaning or climbing over something.

    Although it has nothing to do with my profession, the single most useful application by far is Shadowmite's Network Select Hack. For the first time in the almost thirteen months since Cingular made me upgrade my perfectly good V60, I have usable phone service.
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    I'm not in construction either, but I did stay at a Holiday Inn last night!

    But if I was in construction Speck Toughskin would be the answer.

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    I do a lot of different stuff (I'm also a 1099'in computer guy), including working as a contractor in the Coachella Valley area of CA, (Palm Springs, Palm Desert, etc.) doing rehabs. Both my Treo 600 & 650 have held up really well in dusty, sandy environments, blistering heat and light (you can still read the screen in the desert with a little effort) etc.

    As far as a case, I never had a scratch on the screen UNTIL i got a case. I used to just carry it in my jean pocket and never had a problem. Then I decided to get one of those outward-facing hip carriers and scratched the screen. It's ironic because I've had quite a few replacements (600 & 650) because of typical Treo issues, and the one time I want a replacement so I can ditch the scratch, the thing won't break.
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    Not in construction either but as a telephone repairman I am frequently in construction areas, manholes, on telephone poles and other not so hospitable areas for treos, so I use a Magnesium Hard Case. When not in these situations I use a Vaja T66.
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    I had a 600 which dealt with a lot of abuse while on the job. It even survived a door knob blow to the screen, though the resulting orange blob (about the size of an icon) tested my patience and ultimately forced me to move on to a 650. No, really, it was an accident. Anyway, like a good human, I learned from my mistake and invested in a durable case. I went with the Innopocket Hardcase: In any other setting, I think it would be overkill, but I find it necessary in a construction setting. It has already proven itself worthy by protecting my 650 from several falls onto pavement. As was pointed out in other threads, the case is a little cumbersome when you have to open the door to access the keypad; the door inhibits a good keyboard grasp and type. Also, the narrow opening in the door to access the buttons is, well, narrow. Functional, but narrow. I hadn't seen the Speck ToughSkin case until it was mentioned above. It looks pretty cool, although a little heavy on the Batman aesthetic ("Where does he get those toys?"). It may be more functional than the Innopocket though.

    As for other aspects of my 650 usage...

    I am heavily dependant on my bluetooth earpiece (hbh-662). Not having to hold the brick (especially with the Innopocket case) to my ear is huge. Having use of both my hands is great. As an aside, I find that I am screening my calls a lot less than I used to, but it is a small price to pay. The earpiece hugs my ear and has never fallen off. Generally, I am able to wear it all day without irritation or aches.

    As posted by another, Volume Care is very helpful if not simply necessary.

    I am still looking into a solid contacts program. I think Beyond Contacts is the way to go for me, but I'm not certain yet. I don't have a way to connect to my company's outlook calendar, so I haven't really used my Treo for scheduling, etc., which is really a shameful waste. To be fair, I haven't spent any time exploring TreoCentral re software for Calendar management yet.

    I am heavily dependant on email and started out with SnapperMail this Summer but switched over to Chatter. I presently access my company email through imap and my personal account through pop3.

    I invested in PDANet to use my 650 as a modem for my laptop. It is, in my experience, not for the faint of heart - at least as far as bluetooth connectivity is concerned. But, it is very helpful when it works.

    DocsToGo is another essential title in my Treo tool chest.
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    Yeah, and if you hook it on your belt, can you tighten it up a little more? We all know that construction works like to let their pants go loose. <gulp>
    Using my treo 650 for business:
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    Working in Boston, land of the perpetual Big Dig, I could have sworn that all construction folks used obnoxious nextels forcing every living soul within 100 feet of them to listen to both sides of their inane, shouted conversations.
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    I'm an Architect. My Krewsel case is pretty good at keeping out dust, though not particularly robust, when on site. But I can type on it through the cover - Im always writing notes on the thing, and sync with my Mac via iSync /Palm DT. Plus I'm often texting contractors cos they don't often answer their calls!
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    Hey watch it . I feel like I am one of the "classy" constuction guys. if you will. I always get these amazed looks when pulling out a 650. Most of them say with missing teeth "that is a big phone". Totally missing the point of what it does.
    Only complaint I have about the 650 and cases is the huge antenna. I hope the next Treo does not have a monster's finger sticking out. It is hard to take my Treo to a commercial jobsite and fear for the life of the antenna.
    I may try out the New Tough Case from Speck. I have the Innopocket case. But, the Speck case looks a little more slender.

    I don't have my pants hanging off my ****. BTW I take pride in how I look. As for the rest of the construction guys,well..........
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    Although I work in an inhospitable environment (lawyer) my weekends are spent sailing. This case has come in handy more than once. It's like my Treo has a magnetism for the water.

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