Wondering if any veteran 650 users, especially GRM, could comment on this. I've got a three day old phone. Cingular, latest s/w. From a PDA standpoint, no problems, resets, etc. Better than I'd hoped.
However, the phone portion is terrible. From the beginning, the phone would "wake up" every 10 minutes or so just sitting on the desk. I did turn network time off, no difference. I can watch the signal strength go from no bars to 3 bars, to 1, to 4, etc. while it's sitting still on my desk plugged into the charger. The first day, mspeed gave me 70kbs. Half of what I was expecting, better than dialup I guess. Last night & today, no better than 20kbs, sometimes a _lot_ less, even with 3-4 bars. I'm in the Matawan, NJ area. I went into a supermarket with my girlfriend. She had 4 bars on her v60i (Verizon). I had "No Service" on the Treo. I've tried the network hack. It gives me two options, both "Cingular". I assume the first is the one I'm on. If I select the second, I get, after a long delay, "Unable to register with selected network."
If this is the result of network loading, or just poor coverage in this area, I've got to change carriers. Of course that brings up two important questions. My next choice would be Verizon (who I have on my v60i, and the coverage & signal are generally good). What would be a reasonable expectation for data speeds on Verizon w/ average to good signal strenth?
Question 2 is what exaclty is involved in hacking proper bluetooth support (DUN) into the Verizon 650? If there is anyone in Central NJ with a Verizon 650, I'd like to here your take, especially data speeds. The reason I went with Cingular was for Edge. It ain't happening.