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    Hello everyone! first time on here... looking for a voice recorder for my Treo650. I have two requirements 1. to use with bluetooth ear piece and 2. every so often I need to record business calls without using the speaker phone to do it, of the following which would do these things

    mVoice, Audacity or Personal Audio Recorder....or make another suggestion!

    the recording would have to be able to store on the SD card

    any insights
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    I dont know of any software that will record a phonecall. I dont think there is any. Or do you want to use some external device?
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    mVoice... is a great voice recorder, and can record a phonecall with the speaker turned on.
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    yes i am aware of the speakerphone ability, Thank you!....need to be able to record as well without the use of the speakerphone. Another function that would be useful is to be able to create folders to orginize the recordings

    can you do this with mVoice or does the others do that(folders) Personal Audio Recorder,Audacity

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    As far as I know, none of the apps can record a phone call without the speaker phone turned on (actually someone said before they could still hear the phone call recording just using the basic head set, but it was more an effect of bleed through).
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    mVoice works very well for me. Using a 1GB SD (Transcend 80x) gives me lots of mileage. It replaces with advantages a standalone digital voice recorder. It has 4 settings of recording from 8KB/sec to 86KB/sec. Great to record meetings and phone calls using the speakerphone. Also syncs great with desktop.

    No support for BT and/or no speakerphone. This is a Treo 650 limitation.

    It should work a Seidio combo headphone, however did not try that.
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    I like Audacity the best. They make the best use of the navigation pad for easy recording/playback control. Also Audacity makes the best use of file compression versus audio quality. I don't know anyone that can record with the BlueTooth headset or record phone calls acceptably without using the speakerphone. The Audacity Professional has the best file management flexibility and file distribution/action choices. It also allows recording directly to the SD card.

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