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    I'm having problems with Splash photo. The photo's seem to sync to the Splash desktop, but when I try to view them in Splash viewer on the Mac they come up blank. If I move them to the desktop, I get a message saying that they are corupted.
    Any ideas?

    I use 10.4.2
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    I dunno about the Splash Viewer on the Mac, I use iPhoto.

    In your iPhoto library or album select the pics you want on your Treo , then select "export" and from the tabs at the top of the export dialogue box choose Palm. The perform a hotsync. Then your photos will appear on your Treo in Splash photo at the optimum resolution and size.
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    I've found that I get this result when I store the photo's on the SD card rather than in internal memory.

    You can check ~/Documents/Palm/Users/<HotSyncName>/SplashPhoto/ to see if you photos are actually transferring to your Mac or not.
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    I was emailed the update for the upgrade today. Every thing works fine now.

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