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    I have a Sprint/CDMA Tre0 650 and would like to be able to send and receive .amr voice far I have been unable to find a program to do this...unfortunately, mvoice does not work with .amr files either...

    Any advice would be appreciated...thanks.

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    send to what? You should be able to send via IR or BT using a decent filemanager or zlauncher. If you are trying to send somewhere else you might be able to do it as an email attachment.
  3.    #3 fault, I didn't explain my question well...

    I would like my Treo to be able to make and hear/translate .amr voice files...
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    Have you tried some of the different media players? I think by default if you try to open an amr file with the treo it will turn it to a ringtone.
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    What is an amr file and how do you use it?
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    An amr file is a compressed auidio file mostly used for ringtones, but can be used for audio or voice...the file size of an amr file is much smaller than a wav or mp3 file...
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    cjbell, Audacity has the smallest files. They have compressed 6kbps, 12kbps, and 24kbps. The are quite good quality for the file size. I use comp 12 all the time and it sounds perfectly normal. The files end up about 100k per minute. You can find them at

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