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    I am having troubles with picture management. I use acidimage. How can I take a photo from there and use it as wallpaper? I have them on the SD card using powerrun for the acidimage. Help!! Thanks!
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    A wallpaper where, in the phone application? If so, go to the Phone, Menu button, Options, General Preferences.

    If it says, Show Dial Pad, change it to Show Wallpaper. Click the image to the right of that and select the SD card in the Select Picture screen. Scroll to where your images are stored (by default I think they are in the DCIM folder).
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    Thanks. I have pictures in acid image that do not show up under DCIM. How do I get them there?
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    Check the box next to the picture's name in the list, then go to Menu/Tools/Move Checked. In the Move Files screen, select the DCIM folder and then OK.
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