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    When done using Blazer I would like to disconnect from the web without having to use the menus. Is anyone out there aware of or know of a way to to create a macro or better yet an "unlauncher" for this purpose.

    I would really like a single key operation like Butler allows you to do with ones other favorites if it is at all possible.

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    With my 600, if I exit Blazer it disconnects automatically.
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    I have looked or should I say have tried to look for a setting that would do this but have not found it. Maybe I am a moron (OK, that is not really a maybe ;-) but I can't fins anything.

    Any help?

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    When you exit browser, it signals to the network library that it's finished, but the network library stays open for a while. This is so it doesn't have to connect to the network again if you go into another application that's going to use it. Eventually it will time out and disconnect again. Normally this is a reasonable behavior and you should simply let it do this on its own. However, if you have Verizon's MOU plan, you are charged for data time as long as it's connected, so you may want to force it to disconnect immediately.

    Some time ago, I wrote a little application that forces the network to disconnect. I intended it mostly to work around certain bugs that result in "stuck" connections, but it should work for your purposes. Map it to a favorite and use Butler K-launch to launch it. But don't tap that OK button when it's done, since that'll return you to the previous application and Blazer will just re-open the network connection!
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    I use a little program Netconnect DA which I put on my Zlauncher bottom bar
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