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    I've been trying to track my workout progress with my visor. I've noticed there's a plethora of programs out there which claim to be "workout trackers", and I've tried a couple, and was very disappointed. Furthermore I was amazed at the different opinions ppl have on each of the programs... some people actually like rograms I found that were plain stupid, such as weights!

    So, what do you think about this matter? Should I go with one of the workout helper apps, or should I just use Excell and Documents-to-go or Quicksheet? Any opinions from fellow gym-goers would be appreciated. Thanks.
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    Check out workout tracker at I think it's a half decent program. I've also heard decent things about but have not tried it.

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    PLEASE let this be a hint to VisorCentral to get their software section up. I have a REALLY tough time looking for particular programs for a specific need. I usually have to try out 3 or 4 to compare them myself.

    A software 'review' section on this site would be GREAT. IE, you could click on the WORKOUT TRACKER section and see actual comparison review from Visor Central users...

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