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    In the last two days my Treo 650 has started to turn the phone radio off by itself. When I turn it back on it will turn off again anywhere from a few minutes later to a few hours later. Has anyone else experienced this problem? I have not installed any new software for about a month. I have a locked Cingular Hardware A Treo running the sw: 1.13ROW, fw: 1.28
    Any help is much appreciated.


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    Yikes! just saw this was recently dealt with and the solution seems to be paper under the sim card. if anyone has any other solutions though please let me know. Sorry for the dupe post.
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    check the sim and make sure the number on back ends with an "A" and not a "G". If it ends with a G, go to the store and make them give you one with A. Forgot the brand names, but they starts with A and G, obviously.
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    I have the same problem (as Marotti's) with my new ATT SIM card just received today. My new ATT SIM card (color= white) has a 20 digit number.

    I did not have the problem with my last ATT SIM (color=blue).

    Would appreciate very much if anyone can provide the solution to marotti and me.

    CNG ATTWS Treo650
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    it's most likely a loose sim card tray. try the paper wedge solution and see if the problem goes away.
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