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    Two questions:

    1). I tried downloading a movie clip off a website yesterday to my expansion card that I just got (SD 1 gig) and it wouldn't allow me to download them. I was able to store other documents and pictures on there, but not any video clips. The clips weren't very big, about 20 seconds long, and my Treo indicated that it did not have enough memory to support the function. I have about 8.9M of 23.7M of freespace available. Any ideas, why I'm running out of memory?

    2.) Also, when I tried to download another clip from another site, it said that the file could not open it after it downloaded? What application player would you recommend that supports mainly all media files and where can I get it?
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    to download a clip from a site you can right click on the link and choose the "Save Target As" option.
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    Thanks for your help. I'm familiar with right clicking on the computer, but not on the Treo. What I'm trying to do is download a movie clip by simply clicking on it. It then asks me do I want to download it, and if so, where do you want to download it to. In this case I tell it to download it on my card. Most of the time it tells me I don't have enough memory to download it. But I still have roughly 8.9M of 23M left as freespace. Any ideas?
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    According to the 650 manual, there is a 2mb limit for a download.
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    According to the 650 manual, there is a 2mb limit for a download.

    Also, do a search for: media player . You will get a lot of info about movies on the Treo.
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    Thank you Gapost. You have been very helpful to me today! I'll check into it.

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