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    Any idea if the versamail email application vibrates when new email arrives? It would be logical if it did. However, after searching the properties, I could not find anywhere to turn that function on. I was able to turn a sound on though.

    If not, would you recommend any other email application? It would be nice if it had a spell checker too?
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    According to the versamail manual, it can vibrate with a new message.
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    Thanks. Any idea where I can get this manual?
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    It should be on your install CD and really should have been installed and in the PalmOne program group.
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    That is very interesting. For some reason, it didn't install. I checked the manual on Palm One, and they specifically mentioned that it would alert me via vibration if I had it in that mode. However, it does not. I wonder if it was actually on the Cingular install CD? Has anyone had this problem before do you know? Otherwise, I'll try to reinstall it when I get home.

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