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    TomTom has the most unintuitive website I have ever been on. When I try to purchase a new voice (John Cleese of Monty Python) for my GPS I can never find my "cart". When I try to email a question to TomTom (I guessed at their email address because it is not listed) I get a message stating "Your request for assistance cannot be accepted because your email address is not registered with an existing account." I really like their GPS product (Navigator 5) for the Treo 650. They make it extemely difficult to contact them (no phone listed, no email listed, and customer support doesn't have a step the get to email or phone either). Oh well, does anyone know the how to contact TomTom?

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    I've registered on their site and have submitted questions that eventually get answered. The questions/responses show up under My Questions in support. The way to submit a question is to use their support FAQ to see if your issue is already answered (don't expect it, not much NAV5 content). Anyway after viewing a device related FAQ there is link toward the bottom of the page to ask a question. An alternative is their US support number.

    From a previous post by ryanc2: "Call their U.S. support line - (978) 287-9555. You'll find it is outstanding."
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    Do you happen to have the US phone number? I just want to know how to buy one of the premium voices. Thanks for the help.
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    They have never given me a general US contact number. The support number in my post above might help. Also, there is at least one prior post on this site regarding a problem with getting a premium voice. Try searching for it. By the way, the address they had me return a GPS unit to is in Concord. MA.
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    Thanks for the infomation. I just received the following response from TomTom and was able to purchase the premium voice. Now I can't figure out how to install it. The file don't seem to install using the standard Palm installation application. Do you have any ideas?

    "You can only purchase items using the European web store at this time while we are currently revamping our web store. Please change the language on the top right hand corner to UK English to purchase items. Also, for the country, select, “Virgin Islands (US)” to proceed to the check-out and billing screens. By doing so, you will be dealing with the UK through us to resolve any potential issues you may have which can take a few days. If you have any further questions, please contact us.

    Kind Regards,

    TomTom USA Customer Service

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    Here's an old post about voice; starting on reply #25.

    TomTom Issues

    Also look at #41

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