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    I have a Treo 650 with FW 1.06 and I would liek to update it to 1.13. I do not have a USB cable, I syncronize it with the PC through Bluetooth connection.

    I tried to look on the website but there is no information at all on this matter: Will I be able to make the FW update using this connection?

    Thanks a milion,
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    Someone with more experience correct me if I am wrong, but the 1.13 updater is one that you can hotsync over rather than run only from a card. I believe you can download the installer, double click it so it installs on your next hotsync, hotsync via BT, then run the installer from your handheld...but back up first!!!
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    How do you find the firmware version. I have a SprintPCS with the 1.12 software but don't know the firmware.

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    Phone --> Menu --> Options --> Phone Info. The phone(radio) has to be turned on.
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    I have updated my firmware via bluetooth before. . .
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