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    My 600 started crashing yesterday for no apparent reason. Except for the annoying buzz during phone calls, all had been working just fine as far back as I can remember. No falls, no new 3rd party software just reboots a few times per hour throughout the day. Anyone have any ideas about what's going on & how I can stop it???
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    In case anyone with this same problem reads this I have figured out the problem myself and offer the solution. i have 5 mailboxes and one of them had corrupt data (don't know how or why). I set them all to manual fetch and went in, one by one, and retrieved mail. One mailbox kept crashing the phone. I deleted the mailbox, recreated it, and all is well.
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    Thanks! I've been having the same problem and just used your solution. I guess it's just coincidental that we both had corrupted mailboxes? Are there Treo viruses?


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