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    im sure hundred of us never keep track of what we spend out of our checking. is there a check book manager i can keep track?
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    i found one. i never search, im lazy.
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    For years, I've used a few free different money management/checkbook writing Palm programs. Always worked well. Until of course a hard reset/erasure comes along, and everything gets wiped out, which always peeved me. Recently a few months ago, I finally broke down and bought SplashMoney, a paid program. Why? Because this program also includes a desktop companion which mimics all the same information on the Treo/Palm handheld upon hotsynching.

    Now, if I get another hard reset erasure, my data is still intact on my desktop! I know there are other programs out there that also have a desktop companion to the Palm handheld, but SplashMoney has been very easy to use. Even better, I never had to read the manual and was able to figure out everything in a short time.
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    doesnt the palmsotware come with splashmoney? i know it comes with other spalsh things right
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    SplashMoney. Period
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    For Quicken users, PocketQuicken is pretty good.
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    I use a free app called MyCheckbook from It works well and you can export records to a qif(Quicken information file) by SD card transfer, beam, etc.
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    i found piggy bank on freepalmware....

    i dont have quicken, so those wouldnt help.
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    For those who use MS money on the desktop the only great solution is Ultrasoft Money. It is a bit expensive but it is the only one that seemlessly integrates with MS money with no .qif exports or anything else. Just sync and go.
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    Another vote for SplashMoney, I use it religously to track my checking, credit card balances, etc. It has scheduling features so you can have recurring charges post automatically to your accounts. Very useful so you always know what upcoming charges you have, if you have a lot of subscription charges posting at different times.
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    SplashMoney.......could'nt live without it!
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    Splash money for sure...I only use the desktop component to backup my data. The Treo component I have connect wirelessly to my bank to download and reconcile all transactions so I always have an up-to-date record of all my accounts. It's nice.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dport
    im sure hundred of us never keep track of what we spend out of our checking. is there a check book manager i can keep track?
    I don't write checks. I log them online and let the bank take care of it. I am THAT lazy.

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