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    Hey guys...

    So I pulled my Treo out of my pocket the other day and noticed that I had lost the rubber grommet that covers the the mounting screw for the antenna. Thankfully I happened to catch the screw. But then as I was shifting my finger to grab the screw, it fell DIRECTLY into a grate beneath my feet. Ridiculous. I wasn't even mad - I just had to laugh at it.

    However, the laughing has since subsided and I now need a screw unless I'm willing to lose my antenna at any given time.

    Do you think Palm customer service will send me a new screw and a rubber grommet? Or do you think the Cingular store might have some lying around?

    Thanks guys!
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    Possibly, but you might try what I did on my old 600 when the same thing happened. I took a small amount of 2-part epoxy and glued the antenna to the body of the Treo. Be careful to only get the surface of the antenna that mounts to the Treo. It never came loose again.

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