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    Has anyone tried the generation 2 cell antenna on their Treo 650? I bought a Palm travel kit & cradle, and included in the box was this freebie. It's a sticker with what looks like cheesy circuit board printed on it that you're supposed to stick to the inside of the phone under the battery.

    The packaging states:

    "It's like having a four foot antenna on your phone."

    "Works on any mobile phone, cordless telephone or pager."

    "Reduces static, improves signal strength & extends cell range while using your cell phone in elevators, tunnels, buildings & remote areas"

    what do you guys think?

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    Generally, I've heard it was a gimmick, but it won't hurt anything. If you can, try it in an area where you have a questionable signal and see if it gets better and report back. It would be great to know for sure.

    Don't expect anything though.
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    They're entirely bogus. They've been tested countless times for reviews and all cases prove the thing is a peice of junk. If they really worked that well and were that cheap to produce (and they must be for them to be given away as a freebee), then why didn't the cell phone manufactures put them in the phones in the first place?

    The only thing it does do well, is take advantage of the placebo effect.

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