If anybody can help - thanks - but if not - read the story as a warning.

My 650 froze. Only alternative was a Hard Reset. Ok, No problem there. A few days later, it freezes again. Hard reset, but now, it will not accept my backup. So Maybe I have a program that the 650 is not happy with. Fine. Now, it starts freezing even after a hard reset, or a ZERO OUT RESET, if I try to turn the Bluetooth on.

Basically, I have a 650 without Bluetooth.

So I call Palm, and since I have an Unlocked CINGULAR, they do the ping-pong thing. At the end of the day, the PALM guy says that he cannot repair or exchange the unit since it is a CINGULAR Treo, and CINGULAR won't do it since it is unlocked.

So I have 2 issues:

1 - if anybody has any experience with the bluetooth freeze.
2 - an unlocked CINGULAR is a phone that neither PALM nor CINGULAR are willing to fix.

A faulty product should have warranty, but the service from both PALM and CINGULAR is very lame. This is not the PALM company that I once knew. I've had PALMS since the very first model so I can say that from experience.

Does anybody know of this freeze on the bluetooth? I am running CNG 1.15. What if I change to ROW? may that help?

Can the mighty shadowmite help me???