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    If you're about to get an instruction on GPS, and the phone rings, do you miss the instruction? If you need to make several turns in quick succession, do you have to stay off the phone until you get where you're going? I like the phone/GPS combo in concept, but does the Palm operating system make it impossible to use both efficiently?
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    I don't get my GPS until tomorrow, but from what I've read it switches from your mapping app to the phone app when you get a call - I'm not sure if there is also a switch of apps for incoming SMS. After you finish the call, you can go back to the mapping app and resume navigation. Give me a few days, and I'll let you know for sure.

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    It does switch to the phone app(Sprint). You can, of course, hit Ignore if the driving instructions are more important at the time. I have not tried this, but it may be possible to answer the phone using a wired headset(not Bluetooth), and then switch back to TomTom (that's what I use) and talk and watch directions at the same time. I have no clue about the voice navigation. I know I can use my cassette adapter and listen to mp3's and get voice navigation on top of Pocket Tunes. That works pretty cool, listen to mp3's through the stereo and have TomTom directions come through the stereo when needed.

    I will try the incoming call with a wired headset and get back here with the results.
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    So, has anybody found a good solution for this?

    Whenever I get a call, I swich over to it with no problem and answer with my BT headset. However, when I'm done, I have to re-launch Tomtom and hit the "I Agree Not to Kill Myself" button everytime. Is there a more rapid way of returning to tomtom after ending a call?

    How about initiating a call? Is there a good method for this too?
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    I have had Palm add-on GPS solutions in the past and they were ok with an m515 and my T2. But Not with a Treo.

    I use the phone frequently. But even if you don't, what happens when you are near a turn and you are on the phone? What if you miss your turn and drive 20 miles out of the way? Can you hang up on people so you can make the next turn? I just don't think that is practical.

    You can get a great little GPS (smaller than a baseball) for $310. Color screen, significantly better maps, louder/clearer voice, and dedicated to the task at hand. It's the i3/i5 from Garmin.

    A much better idea if you ask me.

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