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    Hi - I am disappointed with the version of the File Launcher
    that comes with the Treo 600 and Treo 650, specifically
    in regards to applications that are kept out on the SD card.

    One has to toggle in order to see what is internal to memory
    vs. on the card.

    Whereas, Zlauncher puts both in the same GUI with a small
    chip next to the one that's on the SD card.

    What I find bad about Zlauncher is that the interface is too
    noisy, too ornate, too baroque, too corinthian.

    So my question is: is there an interface that does what Zlauncher
    does (showing both memory and card apps in one icon/gui interface)
    or does Zlauncher have a mode to make it look like the standard
    Treo interface?

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    I can't answer regarding ZLauncher, but LauncherX has a built-in "Basique" skin that mimics the "classic" Palm launcher (select category by drop-down, put card apps in any category), or you can use a folder-tab skin (with tabs at top or side).
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    my Zlauncher theme

    (pretty simple i think, i like it plain) the bakground color can be changed to white to look more like the original and the tabs dont have to be on the side.

    or you might wanna try
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    Hi - I downloaded LauncherX and tried it out with various "skins":

    Classique, Basique

    and various variatons.

    None of these looked like the original Palm OS launcher skin. All
    were "souped up" with frilly colors and other things I really don't like.

    I tried this with both the generic LauncherX install and the pared-down
    install where it limits the beamability of LauncherX later. Both did the
    same thing.

    The skin does not change no matter whether I reset the "active skin".

    I am doing this with

    Menu button
    Launcher X Prefs...
    Active Skin
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    I don't know what "frilly colors" you're seeing, but here's a screenshot of my T600 running LX with the Basique skin:
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    And here's one of the Treo with the built-in Palm launcher. Where's the big difference? The LX screenshot has the app refresh and memory icons and a couple of things are moved. (There's also the little triangle at lower right, which enables the LX toolbar.) As you can see from the first screenshot, apps on the card (with the tiny "card" next to the app icon/name) can go into any category; with the stock launcher, they're stuck in the "card" category.
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