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    I use a Treo 650 on VZW data plan.
    I used Yahoo Messenger by logging into a mobile messenger on the Treo's browser (through data plan, no SMS).

    Now when I go to the login area it tells me for Yahoo Messenger to go to "Get it Now" on the phone and download a Yahoo Messenger made for VZW.

    My Treo doesn't show "get it now." I called vzw and they admitted the Treo doens't show "get it now." They told me two things, both are garbage:

    1. use the treo browser and go to "" (site has nothing to do with vzw and didn't work)
    2. Go to vzw home page on treo browser and click through to "getitnow" and download it there. (didn't work).

    Any thoughts folks?
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    Use Verichat.

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