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    I have a few questions, and I hope this is the place I can find the answers...

    We are looking at getting a few Trio 650 for corporate use. We run a pix firewall and do not allow pop outside of the network. Can the trio use a pop service without having to run the verizon or sync software. In other words, use it as a standone device to connect to the pop3 service directly without having to access a PC that has to be on all the time? (I am not talking about the corporate network here, just person internet email account)

    Also, as far as VPN software goes, can I do the same thing as above and just get some VPN software for the 650, connect to the corporate network and pop off the mail without a darn PC having to be on? We do NOT use exchange.

    Thanks in advance and I will be checking this forums through out the day...
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    the only computer that needs to be on is the pop server you're trying to connect to You don't need any host software/computer to get pop mail in versamail.

    I think the answer to your second question is Yes, you can do that. But maybe someone else can go into more detail.
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    Thanks for the reply. That will help a lot. Now if the VPN does work, I will just need to find what VPN software for the 650 will work with pix ip sec!
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    The vpn depends on your data plan, or so I've heard.
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    I know VPN works, because there is a section in preferences dealing with it, -Ive just never used it myself.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tonylmiller
    The vpn depends on your data plan, or so I've heard.
    I would want to use IPSEC and do nothing more than check a person email directly from the server via the VPN to the corporate network without have to have any PC running anything special as a dependency.

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