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    Well, I have it in my grubby little hands, and it is a beautiful thing.
    Like most, I'm trying very hard not to do anything from a software standpoint to contaminate this otherwise prisitine device. I've read the other threads re: s/w xfer, and also the P1 page on the same, but I'd like to try something a bit different, and I'm hoping those who know could critique this method.

    1. Brand New Out of Box Cingular Treo 650, activated. Firmware 1.31 Software Treo650-1.12-CNG
    2. Rename ENTIRE existing Palm Desktop folder to Desk_old (from T3) for safekeeping
    3. Install Treo desktop from CD (allow it to update from web)
    4. Keep same userid from T3, for s/w regs, etc (Do not plan to use T3 on this computer...)
    5. Do initial hotsync
    6. Install Apps from scratch
    7. Do a hotsync for good measure.
    8. Copy only the data from the subfolder tree renamed in 2 above to the corresponding folders in the current Desktop directory. This is the tricky part. I'm hoping that this will bring over the data from Agendus, DataShield, Adarian Money, and of course the stock databases. If the userid is the same, do you see any issues with this approach? The other thing is that I had Agendus 9.xx on the T3, and I want to install 10 as well as the new windows app from scratch on the new treo. Can v10 read v9 data with no worries?

    The big question (maybe a dumb one, but i gotta ask...) Will a hard reset on this device ALWAYS bring me exactly back to step (square) 1 above? Obviously, I'm not talking about any ROM/Firmware up\downgrades, jackflash/jacksprat, etc. Has anyone had any rogue apps corrupt the Treo in such a way as a hard reset would not undo the damage?
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    Your method sounds good to me, up until step 8. I never hotsynced anything over from my previous Treo. I looked at it all in Palm Desktop and punched it all in. It was hella-tedious, but I was not risking a darn thing happening to my new toy. Now, I can't speak for you, because unlike me, I am sure most users have hundreds of contacts stored. I, on the other hand, only have like 30 contacts, so it wasn't THAT big of a deal for me...but other than that, your method is the one I used.
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    Hey again, buddy. Thanks for your feedback in this adventure. I'm with you on the potential risks of step 8, but...
    I'm a consultant, and I've got two years of tech support data, appointment details, etc, in Agendus. It really is my bread & butter app. Ahh, if it were only just the contacts... . Also, Adarian Money (This is a truly awesome piece of software, really, and I tried them all) has two years worth of bank & credit card transactions categorized out the wazoo. Re-entering this data just isn't an option. What I'm counting on is that data is simply data. I guess I'm gonna just have to try it.

    SIDENOTE: The only glitch so far is that my 650 turns itself on every ten or 15 minutes, while its just sitting here on AC/USB on the desk doing nothing. Looks like from other posts, it could be that the radio is hunting. Truthfully, it's at one or two bars. In my house. That kinda sucks...

    ALSO- Anyone have recommended things to change straightway as far as out of the box prefs re: power management, etc?

    APOLOGY- I know some of this is two be found in other threads. What I'm hoping is that with the catchy thread name , an edited version of this could perhaps be a useful sticky, or at least a consolidated resource for well-meaning 650 noobs such as myself trying to avoid becoming one of the 80%... One thing we should be able to all agree on is that the "break-in" on this creature is fairly critical.
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    If you are using Docs to Go:

    Can you set the new Agendus up on the 650 and then beam your T3 Agendus 9.xx data over to it?

    Cheers, Perry.
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    Perry-the-friggin-genius strikes again listen to him, he knows what he is talking about. just install the new agendus, and there must be a similar option to "beam category" on your old agendus on the T3. there you go.
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    To answer 1 of your questions...a hard reset will always put your treo back to how it was the day you took it out of the box. So in that regard...nothing you do is un-reversible.

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