When I updated to v1.1p5 I received an error message that said Chatter could not find my two mailboxes in RAM and it asked me if I wanted to rebuild them from the copies on the SD Card. The first time I said yes (because it seemed to make sense) and it broke Chatter. My mailboxes were duplicated several times and Chatter pulled in some old mailboxes I had previously deleted. When I tried to delete the extra mailboxes, I was told I could not until I deleted all of the folders. If I hit too many buttons, my Treo reset.

So, I uninstalled Chatter and restored my previous version (v1.1p) from my BackupBuddy backup. The second time I attempted the upgrade, I said no to rebuilding my mailboxes from the SD Card and everything seems to be running fine. My two mailboxes are definitely there (even though Chatter said they weren't in RAM) and are working perfectly. Very strange. I checked my SD Card and I deleted the extra folders from my old mailboxes. I'm not sure why the folders weren't deleted when I deleted the mailboxes in Chatter.

Besides this issue during the upgrade, v1.1p5 seems to be running fine.