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    After waiting the better part of a year for my Cingular upgrade period to start, I finally got my Treo 650 Saturday morning. I love this device. I've wanted one from the day they were released. I have had a Garmin iQue 3600 for the past couple years, so am very familiar with the Palm OS and have a nice library of useful 3rd party apps to choose from. So far no problems of any type. I first uninstalled the Palm Desktop from Garmin off my laptop and installed the new Palm Desktop from the Treo. No problems. Both devices sync just fine. I was able to easily sync over my entire address book from the Nokia (my old phone synced to Outlook with their PC Suite software). I have been able to customize my Treo ring tones (thanks forum!), I've got my new puppy's pic as my phone wallpaper, and I have installed the following 3rd party apps:

    Adobe Reader (love reading pdf e-books)
    BackupBuddy (can't go without this one)
    FileZ (ditto)
    Grafitti Anywhere (I like the choice of keyboard or stylus)
    Hearts (card game)
    LEDHead (Mattel & other handheld LED games from the 70s)
    KB Lights Off (thanks forum for the recommendation)
    Patience (solitaire game suite)
    SoftReset (self explanatory)
    SoundRec (how did Palm forget this app?)
    TCPMP (gotta be able to watch my TV shows and movies...plays all MP3s)
    VolumeCare (again, thanks forum for the recommendation)
    Yahtzee (game)

    I've got Versamail configured to sync to my two POP email problems yet.

    Any other suggestions? I'm toying with the idea of setting up PalmVNC if I can get my router configured correctly.

    The screen protector is installed but I have not chosen a case yet. The Treo just barely fits my leather Brookstone cell phone case, so this is what I'll use until I make a decision. The stereo combo handsfree/MP3 headphones and car charger are on order from Ebay. The 1 GB SD card I already had for movies from the Garmin is now inserted into the Treo (The Incredibles, about 100 MB of MP3s, and some favorite photos loaded).

    Thanks for being such a helpful resource! I hope I'm able to offer some helpful advice in the future.
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    Wow, that's a quick start. Good luck to you. I personally prefer skin cases, but they're a very polarizing issue, it seems.

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    I for one must recommend one of the Vaja cases. I realize they are very expensive and that limits a lot of people from using them, but I have tried different cases and always go back to my Vaja.

    As far as PalmVNC goes, the only hitch I had was my router. You need to find the option that lets you expose one IP address to the outside, and set it as the PC that your VNC is running on. After I did that, I was able to remotely control my PC, which is really cool.

    I might also suggest FilePoint, while we're on that subject. The new version allows you to transfer files between your desktop PC and your handheld over the network while you're away from the computer. It's saved my **** a few times when I forget to bring papers to class.
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    Thanks for the tips....I'm just getting ready to start playing with setting up PalmVNC and will review my router's documentation to find that option. Still not sure on the cases....still evaluating all the options out there (and there are plenty!). I'll definitely check out that FilePoint software too.
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    Just got the PalmVNC working sweet....thanks Treo Central!!!
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    If you are using Docs to go:

    Cheers, Perry
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    Quote Originally Posted by Perry Holden
    If you are using Docs to go:

    Cheers, Perry
    Again...three hours behind. The Forum That Asks, "Are You Not Entertained?"

    Remember: "Anyone that thinks the Treo should just work right out of the box, shouldn't own a Treo..."
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    Quote Originally Posted by Insertion
    Again...three hours behind.
    I would have posted it sooner. . . . but racer doesn't list it as an app they installed. . . .
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    I love a success story....

    You must be one of the few that was raised properly....


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