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    Is there any software that exists for improving the standard palm alarms? I want to be able to snooze the alarms for a specified period of time and the palm continuously defaults to the standard time? Is there any software that you can snooze individual alarms for a set time point? Please advise and thanks.
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    Many people around here swear by Bob's Alarm.

    I use the alarms function within my MegaClock software. You can set a "predetermined snooze" by length of time and number of times.

    Cheers, Perry.
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    Do these work with the alarms from the calendar? I'm referring to the several alarms that are triggered from the calendar during the day. If so, I'll try it. I tried installing Agendus because it states it will do exactly what I want, but my device continued to hang.
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    No, sorry. The MegaClock alarm's functionality in this regard is limited to it's own alarms, cannot be extended to alarm's for calendar events. However, it does allow me to set up to 20 unique alarms for recurring events.

    Stupid work around: Set up your appointment and then a duplicate for 5 minutes later, both with an alarm.

    Cheers, Perry.
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    Agendus does do what u want. I and many others use it without a problem. What do you mean "it hangs"?
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    I use Datebk5 and like it a lot.

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