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    Not to alarm anyone...but my Treo killed my SIM today. I was standing in the kitchen with my Treo in the Palm OEM horizontal case on my hip...and I heard the "wireless turning off" tune. You know...the tune that plays when you press the power/end button for a second or two. Well, I didn't press the just did this on its own.

    I pulled the Treo out and it said something to the effect of "Check the SIM card...its either damaged or missing". I tried a soft reset, but that didn't help. Knowing that I would have to reload everything (and dreading it), I did a hard reset. That didn't help either. Then I pulled up TreoCentral on my laptop and did a quick search. I learned that others have seen this too, but it was either application-related, or the SIM contacts (...the little gold contacts) related. I grabbed my old Blackberry (...which I kinda miss, but its not as cool as the Treo), popped the SIM in it, and fired it up. It too reported a SIM error.

    At this point, I know the SIM so toast and that it would require a trip to my Cingular story to get a new one. BTW...the one that died was one of the newer 64K SIMs. The tech said that they have seen this a few times recently and instantly grabbed a new 64K SIM, set it up in the system and installed it in my Treo. Everything has been fine ever since.

    Well, almost everything. The hard reset wiped out everything (...which I knew), but due to the SIM change, my GoodLink backup on my SD card wouldn't re-install ( noticed the different SIM serial number and said no way). Well, I accepted that and then tried to re-install OTA. No love there either...the OTA system must log the SIM serial too because it said that my email address was already assigned to a different handheld. I know its the SIM change because I've re-installed GL probably 3 times now...all OTA, all with my original PIN, and all without issue.

    Oh well, I've already got an email into my corporate help hopefully our Good admin will update the system or issue me a new PIN. I hope he gets in early...otherwise I'm going to have some unhappy customers tomorrow. When they don't get nearly instant responses to their emails, the phone will start ringing off the hook. Really looking forward to my Monday...

    Just thought I would share...

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    Oddly enough, my sim fried on Friday... no pun intended.

    I was able to still make calls, but could not receive anything. A new sim fixed it.

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