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    I got excited because I found out that Poker Room ( has a J2ME version of their online client that you can use to play poker online on your phone.

    But then their website wouldn't let me download the software because my phone isn't on their supported list.

    They do have a form at where you can put in your phone model (they have a Treo option in the dropdown box). If you'd like to be able to play poker online with your treo, might wanna stop by and fill it out.

    Meanwhile, I'm trying to contact their software development department to try to be a 'tester' for their software on the Treo650. I'll let you guys know what happens.

    No, I don't work for Poker Room. I've just wanted to be able to play online with my Treo and thought there might be others interested in it! =)
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    Please keep me updated. I've been wanting to see if I can play some no limit poker with my phone. I know that is available but that's limit poker which is a real bore for me.

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