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    Ok here's my setup:

    Treo 650 factory unlocked with BT
    Latest isync and tiger
    Missing sync 4.06

    Everything is working perfectly but my birthday calendar (in iCal) is no longer syncing. I don't know when I started having problems but have noticed that it isn't working now. I have tried to connect with forced slow mode but get an error and I don't have my usb cable with me. Anyone have any suggestions?
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    Some things don't sync. I don't use Missing Linc, can't say if that does it, but it seems work and maybe some other calendars don't sync. Does anyone have a list of what can sync and what can't?
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    I have the same issue. Only one calendar from iCal syncs to my Calendar ion the Treo. The birthday calendar from iCal does not sync. My setup is:
    Treo 650 Unlocked GSM
    MAC OSX TIGER 10.4
    iSync 2.1
    Any suggestions to get around this issue...
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    The reply I got for birthdays (the only calendar I had a problem with) was to delete it, sync, put it back, and sync again. That's working now.

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