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    because I was tired of futzing with the miserable USB cable, I just picked up the CompUSA bluetooth dongle, and it works pretty well so far (three synchs' worth). two questions though:

    is there a way to allow the hotsynch to proceed without having to enter the passcode every time -- at least on both the Treo and the desktop?

    further, I'm not sure I understand how the passcode works -- with TomTom and the Treo headset, the passcode is 0000, which is fine with me. but using a wireless hotsynch I think I'd rather change the passcode. can I pick a different number on the Treo/PC and simply enter the number on the other device?
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    I hotsync with bluetooth and don't have to enter the passcode after pairing the computer and treo as trusted devices. Once a device is programed as a trusted bluetooth device, you shouldn't have to enter passcodes.
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    What adapter and drivers are you using?

    LG VX9800
    Motorola HS-850
    Linksys USBBT100
    Mobile Crossing BT GPS

    VZW Treo 650
    Treo Side Case
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    seems to have fixed itself this morning, didn't need to enter any passcodes.

    but the question remains: can I change the passcode to something other than 0000?

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