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    I've heard somewhere that the new version of the Sprint Treo 650 will have Nextel Direct Connect capabilities. Does anyone know about this? That's the onlything that's keeping me from switching to Sprint.

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    Nope. Sprint doesn't have the interoperability setup yet. If they do anything, it'll be with Readylink. I doubt they'd do that anyway.

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    The Nextel people say that sometime next year they should have a "Treo" type model out with this capability. However, as far as compatibility witht the Sprint system, he was unable to say. I recently dropped Sprint for Nextel and use my Sprint Treo 600 only as a PDA. Bluetooth support via the Nextel i605 is far superior to the Treo 650 I played with for a couple of days and even though the Jabra A210 bluetooth adapter does an excellent job providing a "simulated wired connection," it still lacks what I need with Bluetooth. Ben
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    I read on Sprints website that they are working on connecting the Nextel Connect and Sprint ReadyLink together. No completion date was given. But it sounded like that is their first priority when it comes to blending at the consumer level.
    Mike G

    Touch (Sprint)
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    sprint is cdma and nextel is iden. I highly doubt a treo with direct connect abilities. ready link maybe. sprint will be phasing iden out and by 2010 iden will be obsolete and "nextel" will be cdma.

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