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    Ok, first off, I should probably be posting this over in the chatteremail forums, but I think the ultimate solution Im going to need is going to involve additional programs and/or configurations of my phone to get it to do what Im hoping for so I figured Id try here 1st.

    So Im trying to configure chatter to sync up with my company exchange servers. They configured the virtual imap server per suggestions in the chatteremail manual, but the only problem is, their firewall only allows ports 80 and 8080 through.

    I still have 2 other options however, 1 is that we have Outlook Web Access, not sure if theres anyway to hook into this. The other is that we do have a VPN which uses CheckPoint VPN client.

    Is there anyway I can get around the firewall restrictions by accessing OWA or use our VPN to setup a connection to our network and use the internal IP at that point with chatter?

    If you guys think Ill get better responses over at the chatter forums, let me know and ill post up over there instead.

    Thanks a ton!!
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    You should try a VPN Client, as OWA needs Active X and will never work on a (Palm/OS)Treo.
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    Ok, so that narrows it down... since Im pretty clueless on VPN stuff, I know they currently have us using a client "Check Point VPN SecureClient". I searched around on their web site and couldnt find a Palm version of the software.

    Can I just use any VPN client or do I need to use one specific to the companies VPN solution?

    THanks again!
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    Post this in the Chatter forum (or a Mod might move it?)... Marc is actually going to be working on a Chatter plug-in to access Exchange e-mail via OWA. I'm sure he'd like to hear of your interest.
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    well shoot... I didnt even notice that there was a chatter specific section... could an admin move this over there?

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    Thanks for the move. For those that didnt catch this thread in its previous location, basically Im looking to find what the best solution would be for using Chatter with my companies exchange server- which is behind a firewall.

    The company I work for is relatively small (~300 employees) and Im now 1 of 4-5 people who have recently gotten a treo and theyre still not quite sure what the best solution will for us to obtain email.

    How are others configured with their employers? Are they opening the necessary ports in their firewall for you? Are you using a VPN solution? Our MIS guys have basically asked me to look around and see what the best (and most secure) solution should be for us employees with a Treo.

    Thanks a ton!
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    Currently, the only way would be for your IT people to open up IMAPS (secure IMAP) on some port (doesn't matter which). It's really just as secure as VPN, but a lot of IT people are pretty fixated on VPN...

    In the future (a month or two), there will be an OWA-access feature in Chatter that would allow access if OWA were enabled for you.

    Hope this helps.


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