Lately it's been acting kind of weird.

- Sometimes the Treo would wake up and the screen would go white with "Please Wait" in the middle of the screen, and nothing else. This has happened twice... once it never came out and I had to soft-reset it, and the 2nd time it went back to the Applications screen.

- "Invalid Audio Profile".... according to another thread seems to be caused by VeriChat.

- Freezes for up to 20 seconds sometimes, usually on incoming text message. The text message would come up, the tone would play, and the Keyguard thing at the bottom would come on, but the Treo doesn't respond for at least 10-20 seconds. Sometimes this happens when an IM comes on thru VeriChat, and then the phone vibrates the entire time not allowing me to do anything.

- When I make a call, sometimes it doesn't switch from "Dialing" to "Active" once the call has connected and the other person has picked up.

Only 3rd party apps I have that run "in the background" are VolumeCare, VeriChat, and Ringo Pro. I've removed Ringo to see if that could be causing the problem, but the freezing thing still happens so it looks like Ringo was actually in the clear. Next to come off is Verichat.

Any ideas?