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    I upgraded the software on my 650 to 1.15 and have a problem with the phone. Everytime I press the phone/send button, the "recent calls" list automatically pops up. Is there a way to turn this off? This did not happen prior upgrading the software.
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    as far as i know, that's by design. you may have had software on the phone before which "deactivated" this feature (as documented in posts related to DateBook, Agendus, and various other apps that can render the phone button non-functional).

    in any case, to get it back to it's normal state (if its not already there) you can use this app:

    good luck :-)
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    I wish I can reproduce that problem. I ran into it some how.

    Without the bug, the green-phone button brings up the call list, or if it is already up, redial the recent calls. So I always have to look to ensure the phone is not already on before pressing the green button again.

    With the bug, it just restarts the phone app. I don't have to worry about the green button redialing my recent calls. I can switch to phone app heads-up instead of needing to look.

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