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    When I used to use Pocket Informant, it had a nice linking feature. Basically what it did was link one item to another. For ex, lets say i have meeting tomorrow, i can link a word doc. to it.
    Lately I've been using my treo for note taking at school (my hand writing is terrible, and i type faster then i write). I have Agendus PRO v 9, Infarred Keyboard, and i use documents to go Premium v 7. Everything is great so far (except i always have to change the font size when i start, thats annoying) What I was wondering was if there was a PIM out there, or even in Agendus (that would be great) that allowed me to link my word documents to a meeting? So when i need to look up my notes on whatever date, i can use my calander to look for the date, and then find whatever attachments or links i have set to that date.
    My only possible solution I've found for that is to copy the text from my word doc, and paste them under the note section on my meetings in agendus. But a set up like Pocket Informant has would be ideal. Anyone know a better way?
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    PsLink seems to be able to link the 4 major PIM Apps. I don't know about Wod Docs.
    This developer's PsMemo is pretty good so this might be worth a look.

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