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    Im at wits end here... ever since I got my BT338 gps reciever and TomTom, it seems as though its gotten more and more difficult to get TomTom (or maybe its just my phone in general) to see the reciever.

    I have to try about 50 different combinations of turning the reciever on/off, turning bluetooth on/off on my phone and entering/exiting tomtom.... and lately ive even had to go so far as reset my phone to even get it to work!

    Has anyone figured out a flawless way (or at least as close as it can get) to get these 2 to play nice with each other?

    I paid far too much money for this set to simply throw it out the window, but if things dont change soon here, Im afraid one of these days that just may happen!

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    I have the same setup-Treo 650 with TomTom and a Globalstat 338 BT GPS. I start the GPS unit first and wait until it has a signal ( flashing yellow light). I then start TT on the Treo 650. I sometimes have to repeat by closing TT and start it again. I also have the BT gps set up as a trusted device on the Treo. I usually get TT and the GPS to work together after 1-2 attempts.
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    Do you normally start bluetooth prior to entering TT or do you leave it off until prompted by TT to turn it on?

    Thanks for the reply and id love to hear from others with this setup if you get a chance!!!
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    I have bluetooth always set to on. I turn on the BT338 first and let it lock on sats. Then, I turn on TomTom and input my destination. TomTom usually recognizes the BT338. If it doesn't recognize the GPS at that time, it does immediately once I put my car in motion. Sometimes, it seems that putting the car in motion gives the Treo bluetooth and GPS the extra kick it needs; perhaps it triggers an exchange of data.
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    I leave my bluetooth on as well. TT will prompt you to select which BT device.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Katway
    Sometimes, it seems that putting the car in motion gives the Treo bluetooth and GPS the extra kick it needs; perhaps it triggers an exchange of data.
    Interesting.. Ill have to test this one out next time. Im always parked when I try to input for the most part...

    Also, to be honest, I didnt even think about checking if the gps is locked on. I guess I always assumed once you turn it on, its good to go. Guess I need to pay more attention of the lights on my GPS before I go to load up TT.

    Thanks for the suggestions!
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    I am experienceing an issue running TomTom 5.12. When I receive a phone call and answer it, TomTom starts up again but doesn't immediately see my GlobalSat BT-380 bluetooth GPS receiver. It takes about 20-30 seconds and then the BT screen pops up asking me to select a BT device. Any ideas how to fix this?
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    Same setup with me, the bt-338 is the best money can buy, works flawlessly for me, the only problem i have is when i get a call i answer the call it goes to phone then back to the map and i cant hear anyone until i cancel the map and switch to phone.
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    did you guys ever resolve this issue?

    i'm trying to decide which bt gps unit to buy and the bt338 was high on my list until i read about this issue...

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