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    I have emails coming at me with voice mails attached as .wav files. Is there a way to make Chatter play those easily enough?


    btw Marc, Chatter is simply amazing! Day 2 of trial and I can't imagine not having this program. Battery life doesn't seem too affected, if at all as per a few posts.
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    WildCard - Do you have an application that can play the WAV files? Sometimes, they come in compressed; not every application can read them.

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    I've never tried to play a wav - I only have the default midi sounding ringtones on board.

    Should a T600 with latest version of Chatter be able to play standard wav's without another app? If I need a helper app to be able to do it, I have no problem with that. I was going to look someday soon at an app that can play mp3's and maybe upon installing that, maybe I will be able to play the wav's.

    As for the compressed wav question, I don't think so. They seem pretty standard. The voicemail is being sent by my vm manager in my Asterix pbx box.

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    What happens when you download the attachment in Chatter and use "Open"?

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    Note that I don't have an SD card, hope that isn't mandatory here.

    If I get an email with a wav attachment, I click on the attachment and get a dialog:
    'file: msg001.WAV
    'Size: 30k'
    <OK> <load attachment>

    So I hit <load attachment> or <OK> and nothing seems to happen.

    Sometimes I will see this attachment dialog:
    'file: msg001.WAV
    'Size: 30k'
    <OK> <open> <save to card> <del>

    If I choose <open>, then it responds with:
    'ChatterEmail Info'
    'There are no applications registered for this type of file.'

    Not sure why I am getting two different dialogs here, both for wav files from the same server. Still looking into that.

    Anyways, thanks for the quick replies today.
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    In the first case, the attachment isn't loaded; in the second case, it is. If it says that there aren't any applications registered for this type of file, then my guess that's the case and that you'd need a 3rd party app to open it. What is the attachment name?

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    'file: msg001.WAV' is the filename.

    Any application you suggest to open wav's that works well with Chatter?

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    I'm not sure frankly. Anyone else?

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    Ptunes will play uncompressed .wav files.
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    ptunes is where I will go then. Thanks everyone!

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    I think chatteremail is the best app on my treo. The only thing I wish were different was the playing of wav. voicemail attatchments. On Versamail (boo-hiss) the attatchments load quickly and play through MMSVIEWER/PLAYER something like that. Would it be at all possible for chatter to work in a similar way? Loading attatchements and playing through sounds, though doable is really inefficent and time consuming when you receive lots of email messages with wav voice attatchments.

    Thanks for a GREAT app and even better support
    Stephan Howard-Cooper
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    I'll look into it.


    p.s. Can you send me an email with an attachment like this?
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    I will try to forward a sample email with voice attatchment to you.
    Thanks as always
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    I will send you one of the emails as well Marc. Thanks for your openness to the possibility of installing that option.

    I installed ptunes and it's not playing the wav so I will toy around with it more. Luria, how did you get it working? Also, it does play the wav through the speakerphone, right? I don't need a headphone to hear it I am hoping. If so, that would explain why I don't hear the wav's at all...


    PS: Marc, sorry - what is your email address? Your contact us page only has a form based level of contact.
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    I have a similar situation as the OP. My voicemail provider( sends me a .wav file via email. Ideally I would like to listen to the file on my Treo but for some reason, my provider's .wav file is a compressed .wav (according to normsoft/PTunes) and hence PTunes will not play it.

    ~~~ gottago ~~~
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    My email is

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    Mvoicemail will play many of the compressed voicemail wav attachments. They support the gsm, g.729, PCM, CCITT uLAW, CCITT ALAW, IMA ADPCM audio codecs. In my case, ptunes is not able to play any voicemail wav attachments from both my work system and my home VOIP provider. Mvoicemail works fine with these files.
    But when I load a voicemail wav attachment via chatter and pick open with "mvoicemail", is displays "converting" for a few seconds and then displays: Unable to play the sound file.
    If I save the file to my sd card and then open mvoicemail(pro version) I can play the file. Maybe there is a problem with chatter interacting with mvoicemail?
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    I've heard this before, but I haven't been able to contact the developer (maybe I should try again). I send the file the "correct" way, as far as I know; there aren't any other attachment types that don't work with Chatter. I would guess that mVoiceMail doesn't accept the data properly, but it's just a guess.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chatter
    My email is

    Email forwarded with the respective wav attachment - generated by my Asterix PBX system.

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    Hey Wildcard:
    The only way I can get wav voicemail attatchments to play is by:
    loading the attatchment; selecting viewer-sounds is the only choice I have and then play the sound selection ????. It works but it takes so much time with the slow loading, converting, selecting viewer........
    That's the only reason I keep versamail around. If I get a voice attatchment I go to versamail and load the message through it and play the voice mail attatchment via its viewer (mm something or other)

    hope that helps some. I just keep hoping Chatter will eventualy do the work of playing wav attatchments itself.

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