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    The first seven or so favorites buttons are not programmable on a new Treo 650. However, it is easy to make them programmable. I was surprised not seeing any previous posts on how to program them so here are the instructions.

    Using FileZ, open the Phonefavorites2 file. Each entry corresponds to a favorites button. The first line is all zeros EXCEPT for the fourth position which is hex 23 (#). Change this to hex 00 so everything in the top line is zero. That particular favorite box now is programmable. Box 1, upper right, default Voicemail, appears to be different so I did not attempt to alter it.
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    umm, I can change all of my favorites at any time without any special procedures on my Sprint 650.
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    yep... same here with my vzw 650.
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    ALL of my buttons are changable on my new VZW t650 also.

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    You probably don't use all five pages of favorites so just drag the first ones that you don't want to the last page and drag whichever ones you want into those first spaces.
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    this has been posted already. on some phones all the buttons can be changed but on sprint some are locked into favorites and bookmarks. you are correct you can change them with filez
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    My 650 is unbranded and unlocked but it came with the first seven buttons locked.

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