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    Greetings, TreoCentral forum. I'm new here. I've already learned a lot from this forum, so thanks to everyone who has contributed to my (so far) successful migration from a Kyocera 7135 to Treo 650.

    I am interested in playing pTunes through my car stereo. My primary goal is sound quality. Convenience is secondary.

    The car stereo has a slim CD insertion and a cassette insertion. I do not want to modify the car stereo in any way.

    Two questions.

    1) For best audio quality, should I choose
    a) FM transmitter
    b) cassette adapter
    c) some other option

    2) Will a Bluetooth version of one of the above options lessen sound quality?

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    I'll answer your last question: a bluetooth version of any of those items wouldn't work at all. The Treo 650 cannot stream music over a bluetooth connection.
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    And I'll take the first question

    A cassette adapter will get you a cleaner signal.

    FM is susceptible to interference. But it will depend on how saturated your market is.

    If you have an AUX in jack, that would be even better. The Forum That Asks, "Are You Not Entertained?"

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    from my experience, the FM transmitter quality is quite poor, not to mention it's not terribly convenient to have to put batteries in it, change the station while you're traveling, etc. audio quality with the cassette adapter is better, but still adequate at best.

    i am thinking about buying a car stereo with a line-in and using that; i think that's probably the best option for sound quality. but as much as i enjoy using this Treo i don't really want to shell out once again, especially since the stereo i've got works just fine, so I may get a cheap speaker hookup and see if that works.
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    Thanks everyone. Don't I wish the car had a line in jack!

    I'll get a cassette adapter.
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    I just got a cassette adapter last Circuit City for <$12....

    Belkin Adapter at Circuit City
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    The quality of fm transmitters varies greatly. If your market is not saturated and you choose one that does not use batteries (12v dc) and can select any channel to work on, you may be happy. However you will get consistency with the cassette adapter.

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