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    Good day.
    I want to tranfer some pictures taken with my T600 camera located on my External card (SD) using FileZ ver. 6.5.

    When I select one or several pictures from my Ext Card and choose from the Menu the option ''MOVE'' I get the following message;

    Select Destination Folder

    I click Internal (there is no Sub Directory available with Internal even if I click the arrow).

    Following I get this error message;
    There was an error during copy, Stopping.

    I think I am doing something wrong. I would appreciate some help.

    NOTE: Using the regular HotSync process all my pictures located on my SD Ext card are never transfer. This is why I'd like to transfer them manually.

    Thanks you.
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    You're trying to move a .jpg to RAM (with FileZ), and that can't happen, hence the error. You have to use the viewer built into the Camera app. Highlight or open the picture you want to move, press Menu, then select Move and choose a category. The viewer app converts the photo to a .pdb so it can go into RAM.
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    Thanks Tom.
    Is it possible to move a bunch of pictures located on my SD Card into RAM in one operation ?

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