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    I was 50/50 whether to put this in the apps forum. Could go either way I guess. Should have my new 650 later this morning. Anticipating an "interesting" couple of weeks re: sw compatability testing for apps I currently use on my T3. Also anticipating quite a few hard resets.
    Has anyone found a backup solution (preferably SD) that is reliable enough to return the 650 to the EXACT state that it was prior to the installation (& failure) of a new program? I've used backupman, resco, etc. etc, with varying degrees of success on my T3, but I don't trust 'em 100%, i.e. I still fear hard resets. How do you learn to love hard resets on a 650? (other than walking around with 28 megs free ram ) I'm trying to avoid the lengthy process of reinstalling & re registering everything from scratch each time some app corrupts the memory, etc. All tips/experiences/strategies appreciated. I searched a bit but didn't find anything along these lines.
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    I dont' fear hard resets on my T650; I often perform them for app testing purposes. BackupBuddyVFS has always worked perfectly for me, but not so for many others- ditto Backupman. The only backup-to-card solution that doesn't seem to have any detractors around here is Resco Backup.
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    Thanx, Bill
    I see what you mean about Resco. Seems to be a hit here. I'll probably start with that. Jan writes nice software, I did a bit of beta testing on RescoExplorer before it was out for the Palm. Nice product. I was able to find an insidious little bug re: zip files that hosed my T3's ram pretty thoroughly. He felt bad & I felt useful ;-) Hey, it's beta right?

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