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    Its no secret that I can be pretty scatterbrained sometimes, and I often forget that I have my phone muted by means of the switch on the top of the device until I start to wonder why my phone has been a bit too quiet hours after having set the phone to mute and forgetting to switch it back.

    Is there any software (or is it even possible) for some sort of on screen visual cue of the phone's muted status?

    Something like the LED on solid red when the switch is set to mute, or some sort of on screen indicator that hangs on the upper left or right hand of the screen (or better yet, a status beacon that could be added to a ZLauncher theme such as the Bluetooth enabled/disabled and radio on/off icons).

    Is it even possible for the phone to "know" that the switch is set to mute, or does it simply break the circuit between the amplifier and the rear speaker?
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    zlauncher has this built in. just add the status plugin and goto properties. you will have the choice of either bluetooth or sound. Choose sound and your all set!
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    The phone and OS knows. By the way, it is not a simple hardware switch. You can use the speakerphone even with the slider switch turned to mute!!

    2day provides a visual indication.
    Some use Soundoff
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    SoundOff. Google or look at downloads at
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    i look at the switch as it is the only thing i can see when the treo is on my belt....
    the speaker icon with the x is a visual indication
    2day by shsh shows the volume muted on it's screen and you can set the treo 2 go back 3 2day after a preset amount of time, so when you turn treo on it will show the mute status
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    Quote Originally Posted by robbalazs
    SoundOff. Google or look at downloads at
    SoundOff kills the Treo's performance. RingerSwitch Basic is a better option.

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