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    I don't know how to appropriate describe this sudden problem that I have been having with my treo.

    I have Cingular and recently my phone just turns off. I have to turn it back on all the time and get the WELCOME chime because it will automatically turn off and I hear the Good Bye chime. This is a constant problem. The phone will only stay on for a little while and turns off.

    HELP!!! Has anyone experienced this problem?

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    hmm...I guess its not reseting because you're hearing the chime. That's odd. Mine has done it once or twice but I didn't even worry about it.
    I would suspect some piece of sofware is to blame. If you have zlauncher, you can move things into the trashbin one by one and see if you still have the problem. THe trashbin allows you to restore the application later. I've found this to be a good way to test.
    I think zlauncher has a demo available.
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    your gsm sim is probably loose. search for sim tray upgrade or paper shim under the sim card fix.
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    I had the exact same problem with my cingular phone. cut out 2 pieces of paper the exact size of your sim and slip them under you sim in its tray. should hold your sim in better contact with the phone that way
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