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    I searched for a similar problem here and I found nothing.

    Recently, my 650 stopped holding its charge. I would usually charge it once every 2 or 3 days. Suddenly I was barely able to get 12 hours out of a full charge. After checking the Verizon store, I finally spoke to someone from their data center. She had me do a hard reset. After that things seem fine.

    Now the problem: since the hard reset, whenever I change the color of an event catagory in the calender, it soft resets.

    Actually, after reading this post, I think I have 2 problems. The charging problem, and the reset problem. Any ideas? Thanks.
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    The charginf problem was probably due to some application that was looping or using data, or doing something that was keeping your phone's proc. busy. I guess it could have been some messed up plam app, but I would assume it was a 3rd party thing.

    The color thing sounds like it could be a messed up calendar database. Try this:
    even though it says it's to solve a different problem it might work.

    (read post #2 in that thread).

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