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    Why do companies keep designing the 3in1 syluses (stylii?) with the pen under a removable rear end cap? I bought some and 60% of the time the cap just comes off when I try and pull the stylus out of the Treo. Surely it makes more sense to have the pen under the stylus end? You also have the benefits of gravity working in favour of the ink.

    Sooooo frustrating.......
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    This hasn't been my experience yet, but I'm midful of it and always pull out the stylus carefully. It's kind of funny that I only pull out my stylus when I need the pen part.
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    I'd be happy if they just made the cap SCREW ON rather than snap on. That's the real issue...
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    The pen stylus's I order through treo central have a screw on cap.
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    I bought a pack of 3 Palm Stlii at CompUSA for $15. The tip unscrews to reveal a ball point pen.

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